By Lucky7 Gaming / 04 Mar 2018

#Battalion1944 Roster Announcement

In line with our commitment to the development of “grass roots” eSports in Australia, we are thrilled to diversify into a new title and introduce our Battalion 1944 team.

The roster, currently competing in the CyberGamer ladder, have played together since 2008 in the Call of Duty franchise. The team brings together a depth of experience and skill to the world's newest and most exciting competitive FPS title. Please join us in welcoming the team:  

Josh "NK" Heydon
Jet "jetwow" Sim
Jack "defyodds" Heydon
Noah "gruumpz" Thompson
Ryan "nder" Elston
Matthew "killerbot"  Hudson

“We'd like to thank Lucky7 Gaming for their warm welcome and support in growing the competitive Battalion 1944 scene in Australia. After a 5 year hiatus, we've decided to stage a comeback for a game which has immense potential and all the DNA of an old school competitive shooter. Our roster consists of players who have competed at the top level for teams such as Audigy and Exile5.  I'm excited to see what the future holds for our new partnership and team." 
– Jet "jetwow" Sim

A classically-inspired World War II competitive multiplayer shooter, Battalion 1944, developed by Bulkhead Interactive, revives the best features of the “old school” FPS classics such as Call of Duty 2.   Still in early access, the game is in its infancy with major developments planned in the coming weeks and months!  We’re pleased to be part of this exciting journey!

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