By Lucky7 Gaming / 16 Dec 2017


Last weekend saw our CSGO OCE team travel to Adelaide for the Australian Esports Masters National Finals at the Cybergamer Studios. With much anticipation for their first LAN tournament together as a team, the boys set out with high hopes for the weekend to come. 


The games began on Saturday morning, with their first group match playing against Oracle Empyre. Getting off to a fiery start the boys take Inferno 16-3 with Steve "InJect" Honan scoring +15 and 1.76 rating.



The second map, Mirage, a convincing win for Lucky7 16-9, 2-0 for the series and for Chris "CHRiSOAOW" Forman, an overall rating of 1.68

Up next they would face off against Paradox Supremacy. Lucky7 dominated the first map train 16-5 (Will "animus" Turner going 21-10 with a 1.53 rating) and then 16-6 on Inferno (Matthew "ren" Bean with 102.8 ADR and 1.56 rating). 

Winning both these group stage matches meant the team would go straight into the semi-finals upper bracket tomorrow morning, and an early evening to take off and prepare for the full day of finals matches on Sunday. 

Sunday morning kicked off with the first semi-final match between Lucky7 and Corvidae, who were bested by the underdogs SSU in their group making them take the 2nd seed from their group. Going into the best of 3, Lucky7 chose inferno, Corvidae chose Train, with the final map as mirage. 

Lucky7 lost their first map of AEM against Corvidae on Inferno 16-12 despite Chris "CHRiSOAOW" Forman's impressive 1.20 rating. Losing both pistol rounds was a big factor in this loss and winning even one of these could've led to a different results. Up next was train where the boys started CT side and secure a 9-6 score by half time. The second half started badly for the team but this was eventually turned around by the dominant awping from Steve "InJect" Honan and several stellar plays from the young Charlie "zeph" Dodd to eventually close out the second map with a 16-14 victory over Corvidae. Finally heading into Map 3 on Mirage, Lucky7 were never able to get in the game as Corvidae ran over them on both T and CT sides. A gunround 4k by Will "animus" Turner in the first half wasn't able to kickstart the team into gear and eventually losing the series 2-1 the team was knocked out of the competition taking 3rd/4th place.   

While sadly not coming away with the win, the event was a success for the team's first LAN performance together and the entire tournament ran smoothly thanks to the CyberGamer's  admin team of Turtl, Judge and Cyanide.

This event caps off the team's 2017 year with a 3rd/4th placement at AEM and a 3rd/4th placement in ESEA-Open. We anticipate an exciting and successful 2018 with many more opportunities to take home the trophy. 

#BeLucky 🍀


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