By Lucky7 Gaming / 30 Oct 2017

#CSGO AEM The journey so far …..

In light of our win last week against Oracle Empyre (2-0) and our undefeated season status 5-0, the CSGO OCE boys are fast approaching qualification for the Australian eSports Masters (AEM) LAN in Adelaide, Australia  9-10th December 2017.

Let’s take a look back at their journey so far ….

Now in its 3rd season of competition, the AEM has attracted the attention of Australia’s strongest up and coming teams.  Season 3 has seen 46 teams from across Australia – all competing for one of eight spots in the AEM finals in Adelaide. As a newly formed team, this would be the first LAN tournament that the Lucky7 CSGO roster would compete in and a real opportunity to prove themselves in the Australian CSGO scene.

Beginning the AEM S3 tournament, Lucky7 faced Paradox Gaming, where they secured a swift victory on Cache then Mirage. Over the next two weeks Lucky7 dispatched Team Smoothie and Rakozan both with 2-0 victories and rapidly taking their place at the top of the AEM leader board.

Coming into their most recent match against the ex-team Lucid, now known as Oracle Empyre, the team was excited to prove they deserved their recognition as one of the strongest up and coming teams in Australia. Battling it out over Nuke (winning 16-8) then Cobblestone (16-12) the Lucky7 team claimed victory and continued their undefeated streak.

Heading into this week with a BYE, the team will be focusing on practicing and preparing for possibly their last qualifying match as only one more win will see them securing their place at the national LAN with #1 seed.

Keep an eye out on twitter next week for the match announcement versing either Corvidae or Masterminds - one  win away from qualifying  for the finals. Whichever team it is, it’s sure to be an exciting and fast paced game between two teams that may possibly be facing off at the national event in December. Stay tuned!

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