By Lucky7 Gaming / 11 Dec 2017


Congratulations to the CSGO boys finishing out the ESEA Open League with the Playoffs last week and then achieving an overall 3rd/4th place!  An encouraging season for the new roster and setting exciting hopes for the Mountain Dew League in 2018!

Here's a recap of the season - the highs and the lows!

The season kicked off in September with an unfortunate first game 16-13 loss. Much soul searching and taking the lesson ensured an 8-game WIN STREAK - and hanging onto a decisive and comfortable #1 spot in the league throughout September and October. Despite an impressive performance from Charlie "zeph" Dodd, we eventually took a loss - a hard loss to Ground Zero on Overpass (16-6), then a respectable loss to Carnage eSports on Mirage (16-14). 

Following on, InJect then joined the roster as our awper and we began a new 5-game win streak, finishing the regular season in first place!

We entered the PLAYOFFS in December as #1 seed and faced off against Furreal Friends. Convincingly, we took the series 2-0 with a 16-6 win on Mirage and a 16-2 victory on Nuke,  where Matthew "ren" Bean showed a 2.2KDR with 115ADR. 

Next up we played off in the QUARTER FINALS against Riotous Academy (#9 seed) and again clean swept the series 2-0 with 16-10 win on Nuke (animus getting two 4ks and winning two 1v1s) and a 16-6 win on Mirage (InJect 2.4KDR). 

Stepping into the SEMI-FINALS, we were matched against Ground ZerO (#5 seed) who had proven a difficult opponent in the past.  We took an early lead with a 16-7 win on Mirage with a stellar performance from CHiSOAOW (36/12, 155ADR). The second map of the series was Cobblestone where Ground Zero gained their early foothold on the map with a 13-2 T-side.  In the second half they closed out the map 16-6 taking the series to the third map, Cache.

Cache saw a strong first half from Ground Zero taking it 9-6 where they then secured their CT side pistol taking them to 12-6. The Lucky7 boys would need a strong comeback in the final map to have a chance at qualifying for the Grand Finals. Unfortunately, Ground Zero were too strong and closed out the third map 16-9, consequently knocking Lucky7 out of the playoffs.

Being the new roster's very first competitive opportunity, the 3rd/4th place finish to the season is impressive -  a clear demonstration of their commitment, work ethic and ability. The 2018 MDL season looks promising!

#BeLucky 🍀 

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