By Lucky7 Gaming / 07 Dec 2017

#CSGO I did 10,000 Deathmatch kills in 2 weeks

In my excitement leading up to the Australian Esports Masters (AEM) on the 9th and 10th of December,  I made a bold commitment: I was going to do 10,000 kills in deathmatch before the competition began. After I took out weekends, this accounted to about 1,000 kills per day, or roughly two and a half hours per day of aim training.

When I began the exercise, I found the quantity really hard to deal with. Traditionally I did 200 kills a day, 100 with ak47 and 100 with m4a4. But now I had to do five times that. Of course, it was much easier when I broke it down into a few sessions of 300/400 kills, but by the very last day I could do 800 kills without breaking a sweat.

So, with all this time grinding away on my aim, what did I learn?

Crosshair Placement
When I first began I often put my crosshair slightly off a corner then traced an enemy as he came across the doors. I noticed this often lead to missed frags if my reflexes weren’t on point or I was distracted at that moment. I then doubled the distance I place my crosshair from the wall and I nearly never missed another kill with a wide-strafing enemy. It seemed that SPEED was not the most important factor in the first burst, but accuracy. With the enemy strafing across, if I burst fire at him and miss my shots, I am now standing still with high recoil while the enemy has just stopped moving with his crosshair on me. Now, I often hit my first burst fire on that guy and the consistency of my fragging feels like it has doubled.
Fingers & Wrist Protection
This amount of practice was the first time I had ever felt any real soreness or fatigue in my fingers and wrists. I have had months with 100 hours per week in CS and was fine, but once I was doing this strenuous repetitive movements I soon learnt the importance of stretching my wrists and fingers before and after each practice sessions. If I didn’t, I would literally be in pain for 24 hours. I think now I will always continue stretching, as I don’t want pain to be the indicator that I’ve left it too late to look after my body.
Spray Transfers
Quite simply, nothing beats practicing your spray transfers in DM. I often pickup multi-kills in scrims now that I missed previously because I have the confidence and alertness to transfer my spray and commit to multiple enemies consecutively.


Overall Aim
All in all, I feel that my aim has improved dramatically. My teammates have all mentioned that I seem sharper, and my confidence in different scenarios throughout the rounds has gone through the roof. I no longer care who I’m versing, whether it’s a salaried player or an MM go-er, they each have 100hp and I subconsciously know I can kill either one just the same.

Having finished the exercise, I don’t think I will maintain the 1,000 kills per day. I might drop it to around 800 because I want to preserve my wrists long term. But I think even this amount of practice per day will cause my aim to improve to levels I simply never imagined possible.

  Will “animus” Turner 

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