By Lucky7 Gaming / 17 Oct 2017

#CSGO OCE Roster Announcement

Welcoming our Australian CS:GO Team! 🇦🇺

We are extremely excited to announce our very first Australian team and proudly introduce our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive OCE roster. 

As we begun to lay the foundation for expansion into the Oceania (OCE) region, it was clear that CS:GO was a major pillar of the Australian eSports scene.  We are now thrilled to bring on a roster of experienced veterans and hopeful superstars to fly the Lucky7 banner down under. Please join us in welcoming:

Will “animus” Turner 
Chris “CHRiSOAOW” Forman 
Andrew “ino” Foster 
Charlie “zeph” Dodd 
Matthew “ren” Bean 

"This is a unique and powerful mixture of players", said the in-game leader Will “animus” Turner. With the experience and cool-headed veteran Chris “CHRiSOAOW” Forman and the aggressive dynamic awping from Andrew “ino” Foster, the team has strong foundations for these young super stars to make their impact on the Australian CS:GO scene. Having recently competed at the AEM Nationals in Adelaide, Matthew “ren” Bean and Charlie “zeph” Dodd joined the team and brought raw fragging potential to make this a contentious team in Australian Counter-Strike.

Our Global eSports Manager Sylvain “cbzrifle” Salvia had this to say about the new roster:

“It's really an exciting time to start working with these guys which I think, have real potential. I can't wait to help Australia's eSports grow even further.”

The recently formed roster are currently competing in the ESEA Australian League  and the Australian eSports Masters where they are currently undefeated.

Visit the team page and meet the players:



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