By Lucky7 Gaming / 26 Jul 2017

#H1Z1 Finals Recap - Elite Series Solo Finals 2017 DHATL17

Elite Series Solo Finals 2017 DHATL17, July 21-23, 2017

This past weekend (July 21-23) Hanssen, BigK, and Cloak attended DreamHack Atlanta to compete in the H1Z1 Elite Series Solo Tournament for a share in the $100,000 prize pool.

Hanssen and BigK both secured a place in the finals – qualifying 11th and 19th respectively, out of 120 players.

Although, both players were well prepared mentally for the intense competition, (even celebrating their placements and accomplishments with a good morning breakfast at the Waffle House). BigK and Hanssen recalled how calm they were.  Unfortunately, they did not place in the top 10 finals. Though they might be disappointed in their own final placements, we are proud of their performance and competitive spirit represented at Dreamhack Atlanta.

The LAN experience was an invaluable one. Both on a personal and competitive level. (For Hanssen and Cloak, their first LAN).  It has sparked a greater desire to compete in future tournaments. A desire to be their best and a commitment to improve their individual and team performance and overall become better players.

Lucky7 would to like to thank Daybreak and DreamHack for a well-run tournament and for providing an outlet for competitive players to compete in LAN events in a game they all love. Thank you.


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