By Lucky7 Gaming / 06 Jul 2017

#H1Z1 Competitive Roster Announcement

[5 July 2017]

We are very excited to venture into the H1Z1 KotK competitive scene with a confident roster of talented and eager players  : Coggy, Truba, Hanssen, BigK, CloakOG and Wolly.

The team captain, Tony 'Coggy' Trabold, and Kyler 'CloakOG' Guidon have played H1Z1 competitively since the beginning of the scene. Matthew 'Truba' Kostrzewa, a Royalty Showdown contestant and the team's in-game leader  has paved the way to many wins for the team. Hanssen 'Hanssen' Fritz has proven himself by being a top Champion's Arena player and achieving 22nd on the NA leaderboard last season. His slayer mindset makes him a great addition to the team. Playing in the Fight For the Crown tournament., Adam 'BigK' Konitzer is no stranger to competing on the main stage. On top of his experience, he has the 15th spot on the NA leaderboard of last season to boast about.

BigK and Hanssen have also qualified for the H1Z1 KotK Elite Series Solos  Atlanta, July 21-23 2017.

Our substitute, Troy 'Woolly' Horton, is a solid player with a very laid back attitude and a solid game sense to support the team.

Overall, the team has great chemistry and each member enjoys being around the team both in and out of game.



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