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#R6S 20,000€ Coupe De France 2017 Rainbow Six Siege PC | 20,000€ French Cup 2017 R6S PC

[5 Apr 2017] 

Coupe De France 2017 Rainbow Six Siege PC | French Cup 2017 -Rainbow Six Siege PC

Recently transitioned from console to PC, the Rainbow Six Siege team will have an opportunity to test themselves on PC in the 20,000€  Coupe De France 2017, April 5-13.

The tournament comprises 3 Phases, the first 2, online and the third, the Final in Paris Marriott Convention Centre.

  • Phase 1: Pools.  Four teams. The teams meet once, Bo3

Once all games played the first two teams are qualified for the next round.  

  • Phase 2: Bracket

The 32 qualified teams then find themselves in 4 brackets with 8 teams in double elimination. During this bracket, the winning team gets to the next round while the losing team is paid in loser bracket.
Winners of the bracket winners and losers brackets of each group will be qualified for the 2 phase 

  • Phase 3: Final offline

The 8 qualified teams will meet in Paris at the Mariott Convention Center on May 13 for the final. The offline phase will start with a group stage with 2 groups of 4 teams. The teams of the same group will confront each other and the first 2 teams of each group will reach the semi-finals.


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