By Lucky7 Gaming / 14 Nov 2017

#R6S RECAP - Road to Paris 6Cup Finals

The Road to Paris didn’t quite end as expected.  Ranked as the outsider in the 6Cup Finals at Paris Games Week (PGW), the Lucky7 team, despite only playing together for a month, had high expectations.  Although they managed to achieve the best competitive performance, scoring the highest number of rounds against the tournament winner @Millenium, – their journey was cut short.
Here’s a recap by Safhiz, on the team’s performance:

“We arrived at Paris Game Week with some confidence, we had nothing to lose. We just wanted to show everyone what we were worth as a new line-up, but nothing compared to how bad we wanted to beat Millenium and treat ourselves with a semi-final on the scene of the PGW the day after. We wanted a TOP 4 minimum.

First map was BORDER, we started really badly losing the first round in a 3 versus 1 dying one by one. The next round the team was changed, it helped us realise it wasn’t going to be easy. We were transformed. Everyone was playing their own role and being successful. We led the map 3/1 but by the end of the round we had to pause the game due to Zill breaking his earphone and we had to change it. 2 minutes later the match was live again, we could tell straight away that the pause was beneficial for them and saw the face of a new Millennium. We lost rounds after rounds to finally lose the first map. Really unfortunate as we held the match round at some point and lost in overtime.

The second map was OREGON, exactly the same scenario, this very first round was absolutely crazy as Millennium came from every front and destroyed us. We were not ready and prepared for that! But after that round we just felt the urge to show them that it was not going to be easy. We won the next 3 rounds to lead the map 3/1 once again. Then we fell again on overtime and lost the map. Once again, we had the map point in our hands but couldn’t finish it.

We did well as a whole; obviously we are very disappointed that we couldn’t turn those map points into map wins. We were 4/3 and 4/3 but couldn’t conclude. GG to Millenium, End of the tournament for us.

Although, the road ended at the 1st turn, the team’s performance is to be applauded and is testimony to their grit and determination to push ahead despite the many road blocks.  

The addition of Elemje to the team was a temporary one, and we now actively seek a new member.  We know that next year is going to be a crazy R6S year and we will surely come back stronger and more determined for the 2018 ProLeague Y3.

Thank you to Ubisoft France, ZQSD Productions and Paris Games Week for hosting an exciting and well organised event. We look forward to returning next year with a very different result!


#BeLucky 🍀

Catch FULL REPLAY of the L7 vs Millenium here:
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Discover more about Lucky7Gaming's Road to Paris here:

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