By Lucky7 Gaming / 03 Feb 2017

#R6S We are Lucky7! Six Invitational Team Intro Video

[4 Feb 2017]

ESL Six Invitational, Montreal, Canada, Feb 3-5 2017.

Meet the Lucky7 Rainbow Six Siege boys in a short team introduction video as they prepare to battle it out for the Six Invitational!

" Lucky7 will come as underdogs for this event. Brand new on the Rainbow Six Pro scene, the team has suprised a lot of people by making it easily to the closed qualifiers. Representing Europe and France in particular, they will have to transform their online statement to an offline success."


#BeLucky 🍀 #L7R6S


→ Six Invitational - Discover Lucky7's Rainbow Six Pro League Team Intro Video : 


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