By Lucky7 Gaming / 29 Dec 2017

#R6S Photo and Media Gallery Gamers Assembly 2017

Gamers Assembly 2017 R6S PC
15-17 April, Poitiers France

Organised by the Futurolan Association, the Gamers Assembly (GA) is the biggest LAN event in France.  Held annually, the event hosts esports competitions in multiple titles (LOL, CSGO, OW, R6S, COD, FIFA etc). The Lan brings together some of the best teams in the world, and of course, France's finest. 🇫🇷   Around 2000 players attended with over 20,000 plus visitors.  
For Lucky7Gaming, one of 18 teams who competed in the €7,500 EUR R6S PC finals, it was their first LAN on PC and with the new line up, and with very strong competition among the more experienced PC teams, 9th place was an encouraging result.
Enjoy these moments captured from the event: 




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